I have been frantically trying to pull together everything I need for the start of the school year and mourning the end of my summer vacation…sigh…so soon??

Plus, we’re crazy and we just adopted a dog. Yay! She’s a pug and older (2 1/2) so even though she’s only been here a few days, it seems like we’ve always had her. She is roly poly and lazy and cuddly…my kind of dog! We’re keeping her on a strict feeding schedule and got her a harness for walks, though, because we know pugs tend to get overweight. So we love her already and her name is Maddie and here she is:



I know, a face only a mother could love, right? Well, we think she’s adorable! She’s a rescue pug and was found as a stray and pregnant. They removed the puppies because they didn’t know what she was bred with, and if it was a big dog the birth would kill her. So she’s spayed now, which is good.

I have also been getting more into digital scrapbooking and trying out lots of layouts. I finally got ink for the printer so I could print my layouts and see them in hard copy. I tend to be someone who does lots of things on the computer, but I have to print them out in order for me to really know what it was I did! I’m like that…I have to hold it in my hands!

I have also been taking stock of Sophie’s and my summer vacation, and realizing that the summer could have gone a little differently. I tended to be really focused on so many things that I only got a little of each thing done. That left little time for just relaxing and being. I have a hard time with that anyway. I always have to be doing something. Now, the summer’s over, and I wish I could take a mulligan! Do-over, please. But hey, we did the best we could!


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