A Girl and Her Adobe Photoshop Elements

Posted: January 20, 2009 in Art and Creativity
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For the longest time, I did not want to admit that I loved scrapbooking. It seemed like too much of a cutesy hobby when I was first introduced. But somehow, I found myself hooked. My inner artist, who couldn’t bring myself to actually do art because it was time consuming and potentially criticized, could easily do a 12×12 layout. Nobody was expecting that to be museum quality. But over time, two things happened. One, I began to bring more art into my scrapping, making my first layouts laughable by comparison. Second, I discovered…digital scrapbooking.

My Photoshop Elements and I, we’re pretty tight. We spend a lot of time with my photos, creating layouts containing oodles of pretty papers and digital elements and, more often than not, featuring pictures of Sophie. Sophie as a baby. Sophie hamming it up for the camera. Sophie wearing cute outfits. I guess it’s a good thing I only have one child. Now, I can officially cop to my obsession with all things scrapbook. Especially with a three-year-old child running around, I find it is easier to work on a little scrapbooking than it was to try to jump into sketching a picture or painting, something that, for me, took a long time to get back into each time. It’s like Nicholas Cage and his little hand flicking gesture that he does in some of his movies. That’s me, mentally flicking until I give up and admit my artistic muse is sitting somewhere with her feet up, eating bon bons.

I am sure I will paint again, someday. Until then, me and Elements will be hanging out, happily creating a digital page of Sophie doing…something.


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