You Know What They Say About Assuming…

Posted: January 24, 2009 in Life Lessons
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I was born and raised in the mostly liberal and Democratic Northeast. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say everyone there is of the same viewpoint, but overall, compared to where I live now, the climate (especially political, if not weather-wise) is vastly different. Moving as an adult to the Bible Belt South has been eye-opening, to say the least. I do not speak about my religious views and, until Obama won, I didn’t really mention my support for him except to people who I knew supported him too. It’s mostly just because I didn’t want to listen to how he was the anti-Christ and that we were all going to Hell (literally and figuratively) because of him. And Bush? I wanted to say…Where did he take us? If this is not Hell, than I shudder to think of what Hell must look like.

During the election, I had a person give me a passionate five minute discourse on how necessary it was that I vote for McCain. I tried to politely say, “You vote for yours and I’ll vote for mine,” but she literally tried to sway my vote in that five minutes. This person was convinced Obama was the Anti-Christ and he would bring this country to ruin, and that we all must pray about it. If that works for her, then great, but don’t try to make your view my view. You can’t change 29 years of upbringing and experience in five minutes, or if ever, if it is what I truly believe.

That’s the one thing about living here that upsets me. Back in Maine, people pretty much kept to themselves and had a vastly different attitude of “Stay out of my business and I’ll stay out of yours.” I liked that. But here, many people have tried to change my view to match theirs. Vote for my candidate! Come to my church! No, come to my church! Be like me! But the thing is, I just want to be like me! Is that so wrong? Now I have Anti-Obama chain emails coming into my in box. I want to respond with a reply email detailing my support for his presidency, but I know that wouldn’t do any good. For some reason, people down here just assume that I think like they do. But I don’t. I think like I do! But for the most part, I keep those those thoughts to myself, because I’m not out to tick anybody off. But I also never assume other people think like me. In fact, I know they don’t, so I don’t try to make them understand where I’m coming from because I know better, and I know I don’t like it when people do that to me. So, yes, I will send on cute pictures of cats and dogs sleeping, or the joke about little Billy in Kindergarten, but I will delete emails that I am not comfortable sending on. It does not mean I don’t love my country, or I don’t care about my friends, or that I desperately want one year of bad luck.

It just means that I think adults are entitled to their own opinions and I don’t feel like pushing mine on somebody else and assuming they see the world like I do.

  1. Harold Shaw says:

    Jaime I am playing with openid and it is not working too well for me 😦 oh well here is my third response to you blog entry. A lot shorter than the first two.I agree with your view of where you live. Sometimes people there can’t believe that others don’t agree that their way of life is the way it should be for everyone. There is a certain amount of what I would call insensitivity or worse to others if they don’t believe the same way. Tired of openid not working correctly. Going to use my old wordpress login. Now using google 😦 this tiring

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