Mental Note: An Outgoing Only Child Loves Friends!

Posted: January 25, 2009 in Family and Children, Uncategorized
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Sophie in full princess mode.

Sophie is an only child…and may remain that way. At this point, there are no plans for the pitter-patter of more feet. Yet-what’s that I hear? Little feet and giggling voices. Oh, yes, that’s right. All Sophie’s friends want to hang out at our house! Listen, people, she’s three! I wasn’t expecting this until, oh, I don’t know, six or seven? I don’t remember when I started having friends over…I guess maybe it was three or so. But I wasn’t prepared for it yet. In some ways it’s kind of nice. Sophie is not stuck to my side like a burr saying “Mama, play with me. Play with me!” She gets to use all those toys with someone who actually wants to play with them. She’s having fun. That works for me.

The girls blowing bubbles in the kitchen.

I feel bad sometimes because I know she gets lonely just being the only one here with her alternately busy and exhausted parents. And I’m not going to consider having another child just so she can have someone else to play with. That would be nice, but it isn’t a good reason to have a child. That’s why she has friends, right? There’s some kids we know through my Mom that play with Sophie, and also our new next door neighbors want to play with her, too. The thing is these kids are at least 3 years older than Sophie. Which is good because they are old enough so I don’t have to “babysit” so much. They pretty much take care of themselves once I show them where the bathroom is. I just wonder if Sophie at some point will be too young for them. Maybe they like playing with a younger child because they can be the boss. Sophie doesn’t seem to mind this setup. I guess I really don’t either. It’s just another reminder that she’s growing up, faster than I had imagined. I know she’s not that little toddler anymore. Making a mess, of course!

We’re barreling toward “big kid” full speed ahead.


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