10 Things on My Mind Right Now…

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Random Thoughts
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  1. I can’t decide which of my 4 library books to read first, so I read a little of each. Now…I still can’t decide!
  2. I need to not bring my work attitude home with me. I tend to be very tired and worn down after dealing with 19 four and five-year-olds all day, and my poor daughter has to deal with me at night. She is three-and-a-half and I tend to be on the last reserves of patience with her!
  3. Why did they send Rose home on American Idol? I liked her, and her singing. And when she walked on stage and said “Hi, it’s me, Rose. Fleck.” That was hilarious.
  4. My mother didn’t pick Sophie up from school and take her to storytime today like she does every week. I wonder why? Is it payback for not going to their house for Superbowl? Hmmm…
  5. I suddenly decided I love Louis Prima. He is a jazz musician, for those of you who are saying, “Huh?”
  6. Sadly, the reason I suddenly love him is not because I have such sophisticated taste in music, but because Sophie and I have watched the new movie “Igor” three times in the past week. I have loved old jazz/big band music for a while, but there were a lot of good songs packed in that movie that I had forgotten about. I bought his greatest hits on iTunes. By the way, I love that movie “Igor.” For some reason, it is just my kind of movie.
  7. I have been thinking hard lately about the direction my life is going in, and as of right now I am very much stuck in the mud about it. I feel like I have 500 doors in front of me and I have to open just exactly the right one, or everything will go to hell!
  8. Weekends take too long to get here and are too short.
  9. All I want to do lately is sleep, yet I don’t ever want to go to bed because it means I have to get up in the morning. Is that nuts or what?
  10. Part of my job is to get all of my kids down for a nap at 12:30 every day. And, me being the person I am, all my kids sleep at nap time. The few that are difficult sleepers are patted to sleep by myself and my co-teacher. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I was patting a child to sleep, and I fell asleep myself! Just for a few minutes, at the most, but that has never happened before!

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