Can I still Blame This Stuff on Mom Brain, or do I Need a New Excuse??

Posted: February 11, 2009 in Life Lessons
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Ok, so I can be forgetful. Sometimes it is on purpose (bills, important phone calls) but sometimes even I am surprised at some of the boneheaded stuff I do. Lately it seems like all the dumb stuff I do revolves around baking mishaps. Just a few weeks ago, I made some chocolate stuff…yup, that’s what the recipe is called. I had gotten it in the pan before I realized I forgot to add vanilla. So I just poured the teaspoon-full into the pan, mixed it up right there and sent it into the oven. No harm done.

Then, I made whoopie pies with Sophie and didn’t realize until the day after that I had accidentally used bread flour. I just grabbed flour and poured it in, forgetting I had used bread flour recently for the bread machine. They came out okay, but obviously the consistency was a little off.

My next brilliant move came as I was making a white cake on Sunday. It was a recipe I hadn’t made before with a few new things, like adding the baking soda to the buttermilk before mixing it in. I made the whole recipe and baked it in the oven, thinking nothing of it until I checked it close to the 35 minute mark. As soon as I opened the oven, I thought, “Crap.” It was hard around the edges and still liquid-y in the middle and looked more like cookie bars than a cake. I cooked it to done-ness in the middle and brought it to my mother’s house, where it was supposed to be our dessert. I told her what happened and we puzzled over what could have gone wrong. They all ate it and said they actually liked it despite the fact that it wasn’t really a cake.

Later, Mom said she would like to see the recipe that I had used. Since I had originally found it online, I easily located it from her computer and showed her the recipe. As she scrolled down, I saw the last ingredient and did a mental head slap. “One cup of boiling water,” it said. I completely forgot to add that boiling water.

Of course, now I didn’t want to admit I had done something so stupid. So I just slunk home and re-made the recipe the next day with the water added. It came out like cake, but not as good as my Silver white cake recipe. I probably will not make that recipe again!

Sophie is three-and-a-half. How long can I blame all this on Mom-brain, I wonder?


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