Two Sureties are Death and Taxes…and It’s Tax Season

Posted: March 1, 2009 in Random Thoughts
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Sophie enjoying a moment by the water.

Here’s a few random happenings from my small spot in the world:

It was around 40 degrees in the beginning of this week, and then it got all the way up to 70 degrees a few days ago. Then, wouldn’t you know it, yesterday it was 31 degrees and spitting snow all day! What the “hay” is going on?? It was freezing. Made me have nervous flashbacks of Maine winters. Ugh.

Speaking of Maine…our tax money this year is allowing us to vacation to Maine for the first time in the almost four years since we’ve moved here! We’ve talked about going several times before, but really just didn’t have the money for it. Chris is super excited because most of his family is there and he hasn’t seen them since we moved. I think it will be surreal to go back. I grew up there and have been away for four years…and I’m sure most of what I see will be totally unchanged.

Everybody I know was obsessed with taxes this month. It seemed like as soon as those W-2’s were in hand, they rushed out to the nearest tax service and left with their tax loan and went shopping…some all in the same day! We are not that excited about taxes, especially since we ended up paying last year. So, we finally got around to doing them at home (my husband bought Turbo Tax) and found out we were getting some money back…so we got to wondering…why all this money this year when we had to pay a chunk of change last year?? Well, we realized why…the person who did our taxes last year entered Sophie’s birth year as 1985 instead of 2005! So we got no credit for her. So now, we’re fixing last year’s return, too! Goodness, I hate taxes!! All that money we scrambled to come up with last year for…nothing!!

So that’s it for now. In between staff meetings, children in my class having crises at home and taking it out on us and a rash of sicknesses, plus being super tired all week, the past week was just a blur. Hopefully this weekend has given me enough rest to…oh, who am I kidding? It hasn’t!


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