8 Random Thoughts for the Day

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Random Thoughts
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Here are 8 things that are happening right now!

  1. Sophie is attending dance camp this week. She goes from 10:30-noon every day, and there is a performance on Friday. She got all dressed in her dance gear this morning, and was quite ready to be a “ballerina.” They must have worked her hard, because she was really in a mood when I picked her up. But she wants to go back tomorrow, so that’s good!
  2. I am officially on summer vacation…actually, I have been for two weeks now. It’s really nice, but also very stressful. I do that to myself…I try to do way too many things and panic because the time is going by so fast!
  3. We are traveling to Maine on July 18 for the first time in four years. And everybody there will see Sophie in person for the first time since she was three months old. I am so excited to see Angela, my best bud and to take Sophie to the ocean.
  4. I am once again trying to make a go of making money from home. I’m in the “checking stuff out” phase, so my head is swimming with too much info.
  5. There is already a heat advisory because it is 100 degress here everyday ALREADY! Ugh.
  6. Maddie ate corn cobs yesterday and has been yakking all over the house ever since.
  7. I ‘graduated’ scrapping Boot Camp and am starting Officer’s camp this week at GingerScraps. Yay!
  8. I keep kicking around the idea of returning to school somehow. Graduate degree? Career training? The only issue…how do I pay for it? I am still paying for my first degree…ha ha.

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