Happy 4th!

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Random Thoughts
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Is it a bad omen when the local fireworks display causes a massive grass fire? I guess that’s what happens when you shoot off fireworks during a drought. We didn’t attend the fireworks, but were driving home from my parents house as smoke billowed through the air and firetrucks zoomed past us. I thought it was a little much for just a fireworks display until I turned around in my seat in the car and saw the entire hillside above the water park was on fire! Then all the drama made sense. It looks this morning like they successfully put the fire out, and the thunderstorm rolling through helped too, I’m sure!

We will hopefully celebrate tonight with a homemade fireworks display and lots of food. My husband is feverishly preparing bacon wrapped garlic butter shrimp and smoked whole turkey. A man and his grill…ahhhhh. The shrimp were absolutely the most disgusting things I have ever seen. They were jumbo-sized and complete with head, tail and tentacles when he bought them. Sophie, of course, is absolutely fascinated. She and Daddy eat shrimp…Mommy does not!

Enjoy your day, and try not to catch fire at the fireworks display!


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