Total Randomness

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Random Thoughts
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Yay…we’re heading to Maine.

I stole this list of thought starters from another blog, which I’m sure in turn came from another blog, and so on. I thought it looked fun!

♦Outside my window…it is dark and very hot and humid. Also, somewhere out there is the crazy loud mockingbird that keeps dive-bombing our poor cat. Is it illegal to shoot the state bird?

♦I am thinking…..I have some serious decisions to make. And fast…really fast.

♦I am thankful for…everyone in my life, my home, my opportunities. I know not everyone is so lucky as I am.

♦From the kitchen…comes the faint smell of the turkey pan that Chris left in his trunk for several days in the 100 degree heat. Out of silent protest, I will not wash it.

♦I am wearing…the clothes I’ve worn all day. Ha!

♦I am creating…some digital art, some personal opportunities and hopefully some professional ones as well..

♦I am going…to Maine for the first time in four years on Saturday! I hope our vacation will be a fun success!

♦I am reading…a book by Alison Weir, “The Children of Henry VIII. I am fascinated by historical novels, especially about this time period. I have already read her books about Mary, Queen of Scots and Lady Jane Grey.

♦I am hoping…that this will all work out. We need a big change.

♦I am hearing…ugh! Chris playing some damned shooting game.

♦Around the house…oh, seriously, it’s a mess! But Sophie’s room is in order. 🙂

♦One of my favorite things…one of?? How can I pick one? Some of my favorite things: my Pug, the fact that our male Betta is named Malia, the movie Bolt, coffee with almond toffee creamer, Sophie dancing, my front porch when it’s not hot and the fact that the inside of my car is clean as a whistle.

♦Plans for the rest of the week…clean the dang house, pack for Maine, find a rental car that won’t take our entire vacation budget, work on all my writing and digital art ideas to hopefully begin making them profitable.


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