Posted: July 17, 2009 in Family and Children
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These are all over my house. If you don’t live in the South, you will have no idea what these are.

They are cicada shells, and Sophie must have collected 25 or 30 of them at least, as evidenced by her bug jar:
Somehow, though, new ones sneak into the house unnoticed and plant themselves on my shelves, tables, basically any low surface that Sophie has access to. For the uninitiated, let me give you a basic idea of what cicadas are so you don’t freak out and think I have cicadas running around my house. The cicada is a huge bug that apparently spends it’s life making a shell for it to abandon on any random surface so it can fly into a nearby tree and make lots of noise at night.

There. That’s my understanding of cicadas.

We find their abandoned bug-shaped shells all over our yard – stuck to trees, on the shed, clinging to the back steps. Every time Sophie finds one, her excitement level spikes and she goes into a bug-shell-collecting frenzy and somehow they all end up in the same place. Inside my house. Yippee.

P.S. It’s very hard to take myself seriously as I’m “working” at my desk under these conditions:

Seriously, could he not have picked another spot?


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