Responding to Stress With a Hobby

Posted: July 31, 2009 in Art and Creativity
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Eeekkk! Time is going by too fast and I feel like I am completely unable to catch up. I have a bazillion ideas swimming around in my head, but seem unable to focus clearly and act on them in the way that I want to. I guess I just need to keep my eye on the ball (to use a sports metaphor, which is laughable because I am not a sports person), and realize that all this is heading towards something good if I can just see past the present overwhelming messiness and doubt. Whew…heavy stuff!

Anyway, there’s always creativity to calm me down! 🙂 Sophie and I took another walk and my camera and I had fun. Now I am dreaming of a Canon Rebel, although I have no idea why….I like my little camera. It’s fabulous. But photography has me in its grips.

Here are some shots from our walk:


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