History Buff?

Posted: August 8, 2009 in Art and Creativity
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I just got this really great project. My Memaw (that’s southern-speak for Grandma) is turning 80 and I am making her a photo book for her party. I am so excited. My mom apparently had bags-full of pictures of Memaw’s family, my dad growing up and tons of other stuff…just sitting there! Now it will be used and look awesome instead of sitting in a plastic bag in the closet. At this point, I’ve scanned photos and cropped in Photoshop. Then I adjusted the lighting and took out some of the scratches and discoloration. Here are some of the photos I’ve worked with so far:

Unidentified relative on my Dad’s side
My great-grandmother, Ruie Fisher
A family photo
George Fisher (right) and Henry Bryant (left)

When I was younger, I could have cared less about pictures like these. But now, I am fascinated. These people are related to me. I wonder what life was like for them? What would they think of me? It’s an interesting thought!Cheers!

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