Projectile vomit…Not Just for the Movies!

Posted: November 1, 2009 in Family and Children
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Be forewarned…in honor of Halloween, this post is gross…

You’ve gotta love being a mom. At some point, you come into close, personal contact with every bodily fluid your child posesses. I am an extremely lucky mom, because my child is rarely sick. In her short four years, I can count on both hands the number of times she has actually been sick. I tend to believe this is because I nursed her until she was fifteen month old. That may not be the reason, but otherwise she would have to have superpowers! She’s been in preschool since that time and is around sick kids (and teachers) all the time. So when she does get sick, I’m almost surprised by it. Being a teacher, I have been around many kids, and some seem to be sick all the time! I am so glad Sophie is not like that. It’s bad enough that she was sick twice in the past two weeks; that’s never happened before.

The first was at school. She was complaining of a tummyache, so Chris picked her up and took her to the doctor. (One of those safe/sorry things…with all the sickness going around.) She threw up once but was fine after…so we paid an $80 copay and prescription costs for no good reason.

Then Friday night, the night before Halloween, she woke up at midnight and came flying into my room sobbing and saying she was scared. The only time that ever happens is when she is not feeling well. Finally she said her tummy hurt and we went to her bedroom and installed a bowl by her bed. Soon after I got settled again, I heard the unmistakable sound…retching…lovely!!

Here’s how awesome my four-year-old child is, though. She threw up five seperate times…and every single time, in the dark, by herself, she threw up directly in the bowl. As soon as I heard the “mommy!” cry, I would head to her room, wipe her face, take the bowl, rinse and disinfect it, bring it back to her and say good night all over again. Then, more retching and…Repeat!! But…no mess in her hair, bed, clothes, etc. Everything in the bowl! Pretty good for a four year old child!

And she bounced out of bed on Halloween morning and was perfectly fine. Which was really good. I would have been sad if she was too sick for trick-or-treating. But we got her all dolled up as a ladybug and she literally filled her cauldron with candy. It was so heavy, I had a hard time carrying it!! And we didn’t go to that many houses! Now I have to figure out how to tell her that she can’t eat ALL that candy. That should be fun.

Sorry about the gross factor of this post. But hey…if you have kids, you can’t avoid that stuff! I figured I would share the joy…
  1. I can SO relate to your postings about being a Mom. I don't think anything can prepare you for it! 🙂 By the way, where do you get your backgrounds for your blog? They're beautiful – I get mine from “The Cutest Blog on the Block” but am finding more and more than they're pretty limited…any suggestions? Also, did you know you can have a book made from all of your entries on your blog? Let me know if you want more info…

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