Big Goals, Huge Goals, Scary Goals!

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Jobs and Career
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I guess the moment where you realize something very important is referred to as an epiphany, and darned if I didn’t have one recently. So far, the only person who has really heard the results of this brain explosion is my Dad who, it turns out, is my Number 1 supporter. Yay, dad! Super scary for me…cause now I have to actually DO what I said I was going to do. (Insert hyperventilating here.)

From Attribution Some rights reserved by thefranksterk

Many things I’ve read suggest that you write stuff down to help solidify it. So here goes, I’m writing it down for all the world to see. Check back in with me occasionally to make sure I’m actually following through and not hiding in some corner of my house, mumbling. Okay? Thanks. That will be my insurance policy.

So as a quick background, let me explain what has been brewing in the back of my head for a while now. By profession, I have been a teacher. But I’ll be the first to admit…I was seriously burned out. I wasn’t even sure I liked teaching, to be honest. But I felt really tied to it since it is what I was trained in, what I went to college for, what I get paid to do. I was good at being a teacher, but my heart wasn’t in it. I don’t think anyone could tell that, though. I gave it my all each and every day. But you know when you’ve reached your limit, and I had reached mine. So, I quit. (I don’t recommend this, by the way. Just up and quitting.)

For a long time, I have had many interests that I have felt lived in their own separate tower. Writing. Photography. Digital art. Painting. Scrapbooking, paper and digital. Then this summer, I have been swimming in that information overload I was talking about in this post. A lot of what I was learning dealt with starting a business, being an entrepreneur and changing your mindset. Suddenly in the midst of all this, here it came…

The crazy, beautiful, insane, awesome idea. I don’t have to keep all my talents in separate towers. I can create one business and incorporate all the stuff I love into it. Oh my gosh, why had I never considered that before? (I’ll answer that question, too: too scared, didn’t think I could run a business, entrenched in the rat race, too scared…uh…yes. Lots of fear.) Anyway, now I saw it. My business idea was like an umbrella and all my parts are under the umbrella. It will be a creative business where I write, create art, take photos, and find a way to make money doing all of it. The most startling thing about all of this was that, no matter how foreign the concept of starting a business to do what you loved was to me…hundreds of people are already doing this! And making a living doing it. It’s not insane or crazy. Well, actually, it still may be. However, as a business idea it has merit. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get it to work. Soooo, yes…the hard part. Attribution Some rights reserved by Carnoodles

But the good news it this: I thought it, I said it, I wrote it down. Therefore, it is real. And now, I get to make my dream into a reality. How cool is that??


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