All I Want for Christmas is Some Creativity

Posted: December 25, 2013 in Art and Creativity
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This year, I didn’t buy Luke a Christmas present. He would have been mad anyway if I did. However, he did ask for one thing:

A painting. It had to include our family. That’s all the direction I got from him. So, I set to work doing my usual prep.

I went to Michael’s and got one of the biggest sized canvases they had, which is a big departure from my norm. I usually hem and haw over the cheapest ones, not wanting to spend too much.

Then once I was ready to get started, I went through my random collection of art materials to pull out some things I thought were interesting…bits of fabric, some netting, glitter, some quotes and words, and some patterned paper.

Then for the important part. I had to choose a photo of each child to paint. I went through my photos folder to get one each that I thought captured each kid.

Here’s AJ:


And Sophie:IMG_3521



And Jake:IMG_3507

I printed out a line drawing version of each of them to use as a template and pasted that down on the canvas, then I added all the extra stuff on with Mod Podge. Only then did I start adding color, a swirly blue for the background, and then the colors for the kid’s portraits. Then, at the end, I added Luke’s big black truck in the middle, and glued it on with triangle bits of old canvas glued on to look like the truck was crashing through the canvas. Then I Photoshopped me and Luke into the truck photo before printing it out.


One final touch: in the upper right corner of the canvas, I painted in Luke’s mom, Pat, watching over all the kids. His mom died very young, at 46, over 10 years ago and he misses her terribly. I thought it was right to put her in the painting.


Here is the (almost) finished painting. I still have a few minor things to fix before I’ll sign it, but I did get it done in time to give to him on Christmas morning.


Here’s his reaction when he saw the painting:

IMG_3953IMG_3954(He must have had a little something in his eye… :-))

Finally, here are the close-ups of each kid’s portrait:

IMG_4316 IMG_4320 IMG_4319 IMG_4318 IMG_4317

Oh, and apparently, homemade was the trend in our house this year. My daughter Sophie painted me a skull painting (she knows I love Dia des los Muertos) and all the kids traced their hands for a painting for Luke.IMG_4323


 Was your favorite gift one from a store, or one someone made for you?

Do you often make gifts instead of buying them? How do your friends and family react?

Talk to me in the comments!


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