New Mixed Media Paintings in Progress

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Art and Creativity
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I used to have this (dumb?) thought that if I couldn’t finish something, then it wasn’t worth it to even start. Over the past several months, I realized my thinking was pretty whacked, and in order to get where I really want to go, I need to produce a lot of art and/or writing instead of being stuck in creative paralysis. I decided to try a new tactic. Instead of being worried about how I was going to finish something I hadn’t even started, I needed to start things.

Maybe I will not finish some of these things, but in starting several things, I would not be wasting my time. Each beginning will teach me something: a new technique, a new structure, researching a new idea. None of those starts will be wasted.

To celebrate my new-found creative direction, here are some of my starts on new painting/mixed media projects:


This one I started when I was thinking about why I hadn’t been painting. It’s on the theme of “Ordinary.”


My setup. I work at my dining room table, even though there’s actually an easel to my left! Here’s my canvas, laptop, supplies and, of course, coffee!


Me with my cardboard palette, painting.


Making use of what I have around the house. My foam plate palette, paper towels & cardboard box


I love these little shiny stones. They fit my color palette to a T.


I love using words, phrases, and quotes that fit my painting’s theme.


Another of my favorite low tech techniques: laying down paint with crumpled up paper towel. It makes a cool texture.


Close up detail of painting the face (my face.)


The painting “Ordinary” so far. It’s still in progress.


Here’s a second painting I’m working on. I actually started this one after reading a tutorial on about starting a mixed media collage using grid lines. The tutorial is “Acrylic Painting Outside the Square,” previously published in the book Paint Mojo: A Mixed Media Workshop by Tracy Verdugo, copyright 2014.

This photo below is the final part of Step 1. First, I went through my “stuff” and pulled out papers, objects, and other interesting things I save to center around a theme. In this case, it’s Camelot. I gathered papers with castle and horse themed words and images, a passage from an old copy of “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, some ribbon and a horse charm. Then, I arranged them on my canvas, and took a photo of the layout so I don’t forget what I did when I’m using Mod Podge to attach everything. (I like Mod Podge better than using Medium, because the Mod Podge pulls paper tight as it dries so there’s no annoying wrinkles in an image!)

Step 1 is finished. I laid out my material on my canvas.

Step 1 is finished. I laid out my material on my canvas.

The next photo shows the Camelot painting in progress.

Here is Camelot in progress. I am still laying in colors, blending and adding new elements. I really love the color combo so far.

This is the final painting I’m working on at the moment. It relates to Dia des los Muertos. I have a little obsession with the Day of the Dead. This is a woman with a Day of the Dead painted mask.


Day of the Dead painting in progress.

What are you working on right now? Are you finding yourself inspired lately, or stuck by creative blocks? I would love to hear about it in the comments!



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