Daily Skull Painting, Day 4 “Skull Lady & Ballroom”

Posted: February 4, 2016 in Art and Creativity, Family and Children
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Skull Lady & Ballroom

Confession: This whole project is scary for me. Sure, I’ve been painting/writing/other creative stuff for years now (Does that make me old?), but this is the first time I’ve really put myself out there. Most of the time I have all that usual junk running through my head:

I’m not that good.

I need more skills in [insert whatever I feel lacking in here].

People aren’t going to like/care about/give a rat’s ass about this.

I need to know how to do X before I can be a real artist . . .

You get the idea.

The funny thing is, I still think all that stuff in my head, but I already told everyone what I planned to do and the fear of being seen as a liar is much bigger than the fear of putting my work out there.

It’s just that the stars all lined up just right (an idea, a purpose that I care about, making the time to do all this, etc.), and now it’s just a matter of doing what I said I’d do every day.

(I know, it’s only day 4, but still!)

Here on Day 4 is my mysterious skull lady dressed for a ball, but I get the feeling there’s more to this story. What do you think?

Have you ever found yourself suddenly able to do something that had terrified you or seemed almost impossible at one time? What was it and how did you finally get to that point? I’d love to hear your story in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by today, and I’ll be back tomorrow with another painting for Day 5.

To read about this project and why I’m doing it, click here for Day 1.

If you’re interested in reading the explanation I wrote for our Go Fund Me site, please click the button below.




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